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King Chavez High School students cleaning up the lot.


Space 4 Art
Councilmember Alvarez
LISC San Diego
King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools

H.A.C.E.R (Helping Achieve Community Empowerment & Revitalization) is a community-led movement to transform neglected spaces into vibrant community gathering places.


H.A.C.E.R is a project of BAME Renaissance Community Development Corporation (BAME CDC)'s Neighborhood Beautification and Small Business Development Programs in the Greater Logan Heights community. Imperial Avenue has always been a natural meeting point for a diverse group of residents, business owners, patrons, employees and other community stakeholders. Yet the scarcity of public parks, as well as lack of investments in infrastructure has resulted in few opportunities for meaningful public interaction. Furthermore, residents often lack adequate access to healthy and affordable food options. 


To address some of these issues, BAME CDC identified a vacant lot on Imperial Avenue that has been an eye sore in the community for years and reached out to the property owner, Derrick Gilliam, with a proposal to develop the lot for the benefit of the community. The Gilliam Family agreed to lease the land to BAME CDC for free for five years. A steering committee of neighborhood residents, community-based organizations, local artists, and youth was established to gather community input and volunteers, and then lead the effort to design and build the Gilliam Family Community Garden and Park. This committee hit the ground running by polling the community for name and project ideas, and thus H.A.C.E.R was born!


H.A.C.E.R provides an opportunity to for community members to reclaim owenership of their neighborhood. They will be the designers and builders of a truly grassroots and one-of-a-kind outdoor gathering space where residents can play, relax, learn about urban gardening, or attend various community events. 


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