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Steering Committee & Design Team 

Brenda Corrales

"Estoy involucrada para regresar un poco de lo mucho que me ha dado este país"

Avital Aboody


"I am excited to help community members create a dynamic space where they can relax, play, learn and experience the magic of spontaneous public interaction"

"We have the ability today to bring out the best of our neighborhood by transforming an underutilized space that allows for vibrant community connections"

Monique López 

King Chavez Community High School Rotary Club

"King Chavez Community High School's Rotary Clubs mission is to put service above self.  We have been involved with the park project from the beginning with cleaning up the area, fundraising, designing and developing prototypes.  We are proud to be apart of this community project all while learning about the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics"

Robert Jones

Space 4 Art

"The HACER project presents a unique opportunity to design and build an artistic and functional community space while volunteering in a community in need and promoting Space4Art."

Lizzie Rodriguez


"As a resident, being involved in the positive development of my community really matters to me. I live here so I should care!"

Francisco Martinez

Barrio Logan College Institute

"I saw the opportunity this project presented to improve the quality of life for those in my community, so I took it."

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Meade

Rudy Arriaga



Hector Fonseca


"I just want to make a change and improve the community."

Ian Bayer, Josh Osias, Lindsey Elias 

Elementary Institute of Science, Commission on Science that Matters

"The Community Restoration group is focusing on developing  ways to help promote the vacant lot on Imperial Ave for the HACER project as well as designing features to be present in the future park."

Not pictured:


Nico Stanzione

Jorge Mendoza

Chelsea Klaseus

Velizar Bakalov

Barry Pollard

Cheryl Nickel, Space 4 Art

Bob Leathers, Space 4 Art

Paige Newman, BAME CDC



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